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    2LTE engine loads of blowby and blue smoke.

    have an lj71 with the 2lte engine. blows heaps of smoke on idle and when accelerating from idle especially. loads of blowby coming from oil cap. have a theory that the blowby is pushing oil past the stem valve seals and up the hose into the turbo crossover pipe (intake) and then burning. has...
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    LandCruiser Vs Hilux Ute Vs Ford Ranger Ute

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if you guys can help me out here, sorry if i posted in the wrong section. I am looking to buy a 4WD in about 8 months hopefully and I am just deciding what to get (Long decision and research needed). I do want to eventually get Bullbars, Lights, 2-4inch Lift, Bigger...