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LandCruiser Vs Hilux Ute Vs Ford Ranger Ute

Which 4Wd

  • 2003 LandCruiser Wagon

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • 07/08 Toyota Hilux Single Cab Ute (Tray)

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • 07/08 Ford Ranger Dual Cab (Tub)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 11.1%

  • Total voters


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Aug 20, 2014
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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if you guys can help me out here, sorry if i posted in the wrong section.
I am looking to buy a 4WD in about 8 months hopefully and I am just deciding what to get (Long decision and research needed).
I do want to eventually get Bullbars, Lights, 2-4inch Lift, Bigger Tyres, Lights, UHF, the whole deal really.
All options I want a Turbo Diesel which is fine.
I am looking for a car to daily drive, last me pretty much forever or a good while before I move on, go camping, decent offroading tracks around Aussie.
And I will be in Aussie, just FYI.

I have three contenders here but i want your guys decisions. I have around a 15K budget and will explain my reasoning's below.

2003 Toyota LandCruiser:
Ok, so I can get a 2003 LandCruiser Wagon TD (120 Series right?) on the high end of this budget (pushing 18Kish), but its looking well over 200k KM with not many mods. I have seen maybe one with a 2" lift and wheels.
I do get most of the extras and nice interior (cruise control, good looking AC Controls, etc.)
With the LC I also get the Coil Springs all round.

Its Older, more KMs and more expensive than the other two options down the list.
Seems tougher, more durable, Coils all round. Slow Depreciation.

07/08 Toyota Hilux Ute Single Cab Tray:
With this I could nab an 07/08 model TD Ute with good interior, roughly starting at 180K Kms, and there are a few out there with canopies, decent size tyres, at least 2" lifts, and some spotties and UHFs.

Leaf Springs in the rear, only two seats (I don't like the dual/extra cab hiluxs, unless they are the SR5s waaaaay out of my budget hahah).
Bit weaker?

Good for transporting, especially the motorbikes, or when spotlighting up on the tray.
They are a lot cheaper and will get me less KM, more mods, and a lot newer age.

07/08 Ford Ranger (Dual Cab Tub)
Ok I have seen some of these that look beast and I like.
They would be about same as the Hilux ute. Some mods etc, lower KM than above (around 150kish Kms)

Maybe less reliable? Less easy mods and less parts available? On Leaf springs also.
Less room in tray as Dual Cab.

Cheaper than the LC, and just edging the Hilux.
It will get an 08 with even less KMs than the Hilux, and some do have a few starter mods as above.

So you see my problem. I do like a newer car as it will have less problems (less rust, less parts problems (worn wires and parts),so I edge towards the 07s/08s Utes.
Also with the KMs i will have to watch buying a car, and then doing things like new tyres, cambelt and clutch.
I don't mind going a ute like the hilux as it is practical for me and I shouldn't be ferrying people around, and if I did I would use the wife's car. Saying this I don't mind the LC wagon either :/

I will be doing some camping trips and 4x4 trips with my mate and his 4WD. Ute does sound appealing and set up camp on the tray.

I would like to get something with a little work done so i can keep up a bit with my mate on the tracks, so im not Fully stock. (at least 2" moving on to 3 or 4 even, and some bigger tyres.)
So I would rather not pay 15K for stock and then have to add another couple of $K to get it started.

So that's a couple of things to think about.
While we are at it, what do you prefer of Auto vs Manual.

Manual can be fun driving, but if you are inching up tracks or over rocks you don't want to be riding the clutch all the time.
Auto does sound good (be wary of it overheating on sand driving) and it does seem better and easier (more response if need to flat it and it auto changes gears with no delay (as not needing to use clutch).

ok that's it for now. I appreciate the comments and helpful opinions, I know the Ford might not get much love here :)
Any helpful tips and things to watch out for on the above models also would be great.
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Hello and welcome.

Is the 2003 land cruiser you're looking at a Prado or a 105 series?

Given the forum you've posted this on ... I think you can guess what we would say ;)
I had a Ranger (2003 I think) Synchro went after 79k km's Only tow a mower and small tractor occasionally! Aparently its a common problem - good for getting the tail sliding out on a roundabout in the wet though!
Welcome to the club. :thumbup:

Ford Rangers/Mazda BT50 (same vehicle) are shit! :thumbdown:

We get them in quite a bit at work and just looking underneath them theres a lot of weak points and parts just waiting to fail!

There have been problems with the rear tail shaft, where it bolts onto the rear diff there is a big round silver thing that is presumably there to balance it. They are easily damaged off road, come loose and hit the plastic fuel tank that is right next to it and puncture it! :doh:

Thats just one of the issues that I can think of off the top of my head but theres lots more, my boss went through all the known ones when we last had one on the hoist and I was shocked!

There cheap and are probably fine on the bitumen but I certainly wouldn't want to take one off road.

LandCruiser or Hi-Lux. :icon-wink:

What are your opinions on either Toyota? And which Transmission?

The landcruisers I was looking at are general under this:

But more specific like:

Not allowed to post links yet.. put this infront of each one without spaces. h t t p : / / w w w . (actually, should just be able to copy the above right in.

Just LCs are so expensive :/

In my family we have 2 SUV's. Ford and Land Cruiser. By using these 2 cars I always felt much comfort and great control on Land Cruiser. Although different person have different reasons for selecting SUV but comparing the engine transmission and whatever road you take you will feel nothing at all. Specially with family members we have lots of space when we go for any kind of trip. In future we will get another one even though the price is higher then will check with used toyota land cruiser. I said what I experienced but above other cars are also great. Its just a person choice thats it. :)
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You may already know, but bear in mind the Hilux isn't full time 4x4. If you need a full time 4x4 then the Landcruiser (70,80,90,100, 105, 120, etc series) is the way to go.
I had a 2012 Ranger for less than 2 weeks in 2016 - within a hundred miles transmission warning light came on. Checked it on the OBD reader and the thing through up a raft of fault codes. Entire rear wiring loom was toast, and something weird with the back suspension. I gave it back to the dealer and got my money back...
For what you’re after, you’ve got to think, do I want it fixed with spanners or do I want to fix it with a computer and auto electrician. The cruisers, having said that are mostly pretty reliable from what I can see on here when it comes to the computery bits. The 105s are probably the best of both worlds, 80 series underneath and slightly beefed up with a more modern body.
Cruiser or Hi Lux, but I think you answered your own question with the seating. Bikes- pop them on a trailer if motorised, Cartier on the back if not.
An 80 series, any of the 70 series or 105 series cruiser sounds the best fit to your requirements to me. Bit older but don’t be scared of the miles. Sure you’ll have to do some work but it’s worth it for a good truck. You shouldn’t have to worry but look underneath for rust issues. The newer ones can be worse than the older ones here in the UK.
I have a 2018 Ranger, and an 80 series Landcruiser. I would advise looking for a 105 series Landcruiser that has been fitted with a 1HD-FTE motor. If you cant find one, an 80 with a factory turbo motor (1HDT or 1HD-FT)