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  1. Kzj70ofDoom

    Help needed in sourcing parts(KZJ70 front axle/swivel hub)

    Hi there, I will try keep this story short: Bought a kzj70 for too much money (7k) and the engine was already shot, little did I know. (New to spannering) so eventually haul it home on a trailer and buy another engine. Swap new engine in, but discover it has a seized head so there’s another...
  2. J

    LJ70 Fixed hub to Free wheel hub conversion??

    Greetings fron Sri Lanka, I have a Land cruiser JL70 SWB 1988 with fixed front wheel hubs.(old model i guess) Is it possible to convert those in to manual lock hubs. Please help....
  3. Justin.t

    Automatic Hubs wont Lock.

    Hey, I have a 93 Diesel HzJ73 landcruiser with auto locking hubs. The problem I am having is the hubs wont lock. I have put a volt meter to the connection and it gets 20 volts when the hub lock button is pressed (though it seems they should get 24)? It seems this is a common problem, any simple...