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  1. J

    Prado 90 Series 1kz Faults - Transmission, overheating, alternator, brakes, suspension, noises & seat cushions

    Hi All, I'm new here. I own a Prado 1997 1KZ with 175,000 km. I am not a mechanic, but I am a bit of an enthusiast. If you are a mechanic please feel free to correct me. I've had a whole range of faults on my vehicle and I would like to take this opportunity to share my findings. I know many of...
  2. StarCruiser

    Intercooler adapter elbows on eBay

    Just found this. I know it’s in Oz and it’s not cheap but I cannot see this being made as a one off unless you’ve got the workshop to do it for less. Nice looking item too. They are available for the 24 valve...
  3. teckays

    Help wanted to investigate some issues

    Hello everyone and glad to be here on this forum. Roughly one month ago I bought a '02 LC100 with the 1HD-FTE engine and there are some problems I would like to get help investigating. Obviously I will visit a specialist but first I would like to know your opinion on that. So here they are: 1...
  4. W

    Senors on extension of inlet manifold 1HD-FT

    I am in the process of installing an Allisport intercooler on my 1995 24v GS. Everything is going well other than I do not see what to do with all the sensors currently held in place by the extension to the original inlet manifold which is going to be replaced by the new kit. Allisport said...