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land cruiser 200

  1. S

    Acceleration Problem Land Cruiser 2009

    Hi Guys, I am presently using Land cruiser 2009, V6, Middle East spec model. Around 140km/hr (appx) acceleration stops. Vehicle wont go after this speed if I rise accelerator. If I continue to rise accelerator pedal down, vehicle will down shift and go further than 140km/hr (appx) without any...
  2. Joe Wong

    digital dash for lc200

    *Android 7.1 system, * Keep and use original radio, *supporting all original car info and functions RK3188 Cotex A9 Quad Core 1.6GHz RAM2G+32G NAND Flash * Multi-point Capacitive touch screen, 12.3inch HD resolution: 1920*720 * with built-in GPS Navigation system , movie play * Built-in...