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lc 100

  1. K

    1999 LC 100 AHC Issue

    Hi all, I am new here and this is my first post... I own a 1999 LC VXR that has done 400K to date. I have an issue with my AHC where it does go up and down but on the dash shows the "OFF" blinking at random. The car used to change height on its own when stationary but stopped doing that now...
  2. Alrightchief

    Workshop manual? Things to do.

    Hi guys Just joined up and Bought an unbelievably rust free clean 2005 90k 4.2 amazon lc100.. Im trying to get a manual to help me get things sorted etc where would I get one? any tips on things to get done? List ENG Oil & filter Belts with tensioners GB Oil & filter? Diffs Grease shafts...
  3. H

    Difference between AV100 and UZJ 100

    going to buy a 100 series but i don't know the diff bw AV 100 and UZJ 100. Can someone please post the differences? Also, the AV 100 I am looking at has leaf suspension in the rear. So did the owner modified it or is it some military grade etc? How'll i replace the leafs? Thanks