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  1. U

    Questions for group

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered... Coming in hot from 4Runner world... Is there a specific VIN code denoting the LC200 Heritage Edition? Wanting to pull the trigger on a 2020 or 2021 model. I found one locally and ALMOST got burned by someone just slapping some badging on it. I've...
  2. T

    Steering Starts to make very feeble whining noise - No visual leaks on Power steering fluid

    Hey there all, I own a landcruiser 2009 - GX.R V6. Recently after an off-road trip i started to hear a whining noise every time i turn the steering. At first i thought it was cause the power steering fluid was low, but then i checked the Fluid and the levels where fine. Although, for some...
  3. Sumerian

    Lc200 no power higher than 3000 rpm

    I have been getting this problem since 6 month now and we couldn’t find the problem for my LC200 , 2011, manual, petrol. I would appreciate if someone that has the same problem found a solution or and experienced person can help. Once I drive for some time with my Lc after a while ( 1-2 hours)...
  4. I

    New LC owner, Suspension & AC issues - Advice

    Hi, I just got hold of my LC 2011 GX with 135K km on the clock. The pervious owner has installed a 2" lift on the suspension coil/shock absorber. Everything time I accelerate or brake, there is a clunk/Click noise that comes, sometimes from all 4 wheels but mostly from the front end. I took it...
  5. jasransm

    Canberra Bound

    Well I am moving from the West Coast of Oz to the East coast for work. Normally a pretty straight forward 3500klms across the Nullarbor, into South Australia and onto Canberra....... As luck would have it the Nullarbor is cut off due to bush fires, so the Great Central Road is the only safe way...
  6. jasransm

    Hi Again!

    Hi All, Joined a year ago and have since been busily building my ride. Moving to Canberra over the Christmas break. My name: Jason My Cruiser: LC200 2012 GXL 4.5L 98000kms Mods on my Cruiser: TD 2.5" Lift airbag man airbags, etec snorkel, TJM Bar and sliders, MCC rear bar wheel carrier /...
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  10. Joe Wong

    digital dash for lc200

    *Android 7.1 system, * Keep and use original radio, *supporting all original car info and functions RK3188 Cotex A9 Quad Core 1.6GHz RAM2G+32G NAND Flash * Multi-point Capacitive touch screen, 12.3inch HD resolution: 1920*720 * with built-in GPS Navigation system , movie play * Built-in...
  11. M

    2011 LC - Diff Lock Indicator Flashing

    Hello all ! I tried searching some posts but did not find anything specific for LC200 Models. My issue is i barely drive my LC and just take them out on the weekends as its a family car for outings. Off late i noticed the DIFF LOCK Disengage light on. i obviously tried the pushing of the switch...
  12. M

    For Sale: RHD and LHD Brand New Land Cruisers all around the world.

    Dear All, We supply all models of Land Cruisers globally including RHD and LHD versions of HZJ79, HZJ78, HZJ76, LC200, LC150. Our stocks are in Japan, Dubai, Singapore and Antwerp. We deliver cars upto the customs only. Importation and local registration are done by our clients. We delivered...