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New LC owner, Suspension & AC issues - Advice


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Oct 12, 2020
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Hi, I just got hold of my LC 2011 GX with 135K km on the clock. The pervious owner has installed a 2" lift on the suspension coil/shock absorber.
Everything time I accelerate or brake, there is a clunk/Click noise that comes, sometimes from all 4 wheels but mostly from the front end.
I took it to a guy to check and he said it is from the suspension linkage, just to grease it. Any advice on this and where to exactly grease it?

Also the AC, the mode (front, legs, windscreen blower) cannot be selected easily, also the indication when it shows only front, then legs and windscreen works. This has to do with the AC mode dampener (servo motor). The pervious owner said I can take it to an electrical shop and with the OBD2 computer, they can reset the AC system. Any advice on this.
Also I am not sure if the AC temperature sensor is working.
Also there was an error on the OBD2, the AC solar sensor isn't working, is this something major to worry about?