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    Hard Wiring My Dashcam

    Hi Guys, I've just had my dashcam hardwired to my LC4 to get rid of all those annoying cables. As I was helped by a professional auto electrician and as I took the opportunity to make a video of this, I thought it might be a helpful thing to share. And for those of you too impatient to watch...
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    Hi From Shropshire UK

    Hi all an introduction to myself My name: Alan Stokes Age 54 My Cruiser: Land Cruiser LC4 colour: Orb Gold, Transmission: 6 speed manual mileage: 120,000 Full service history: full Toyota Mods on Cruiser: None currently Plans for Cruiser: Currently registered with West Midland 4x4 response...
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    Home Made Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

    Daytime Running Lights look great and are an excellent safety feature, but finding after-market parts for a LC 120 series is always difficult. So a couple of years ago now I opted to make my own (complete with Dimmer circuit) using LEDs. I’ve finally got around to making a YouTube video about...
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    Apple CarPlay - fitting a Pioneer SPH-DA120 in an LC4

    Hi guys, I spent the weekend fitting a Pioneer SPH-DA120 in my 2005 LC4 (120 series). This is the model that turns the head unit into an extension of your iPhone. After-market parts for us Landcruiser lovers are very hard to find and so, as you'd imagine, this unit is NOT designed to fit my...
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    Radio Removal LC3, LC4, LC5, Prado (2003 to 2009)

    A year ago I had to remove my CD player from my 2005 LC4. I looked online for any useful videos / tutorials but couldn't find any. This weekend I had to remove my CD player again - so this time I filmed it! I've posted the vid on YouTube here - The video shows...