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  1. D

    Greetings from the USA

    Good Day/Evening, It is a pleasure to meet you all, even if only virtually, and I look forward to sharing in Land Cruiser experiences and lore alike. I got to spend a lot of time in various model year Land Cruisers when I was traveling in my youth. They were the most dependable transportation in...
  2. T

    Lift kit - Wanting advice

    Hi all, So i have just ordered a lift kit for my 105 and i was able to get a 3 inch at the front and 2 inch at the back. Just wondering if i will need to extend break lines and get some new bushings or will i be ok since it’s only 3 inch at the front ? Thanks Taine
  3. P

    Best suspension system for 1990 BJ70?

    What does everyone think regarding a suspension system for a BJ70. a04w or old man emu?
  4. I

    New LC owner, Suspension & AC issues - Advice

    Hi, I just got hold of my LC 2011 GX with 135K km on the clock. The pervious owner has installed a 2" lift on the suspension coil/shock absorber. Everything time I accelerate or brake, there is a clunk/Click noise that comes, sometimes from all 4 wheels but mostly from the front end. I took it...
  5. K

    PZJ77 Suspension Lift, Tyre and Rim size selection

    Hi guys, just signed up. I have a 1993 PZJ77(LWB, leaf springs all round, 3.5 diesel) and I am looking at giving it a lift and getting some rims and tyres for it so looking for recommendations. Putting an ARB winch bar and probably a Superwinch on the front. Application is for on road and farm...
  6. W

    Recommendations for 1" Lift?

    I bought a 2" Old Man EMU lift for my '04 100...recommendations for tires? I'm looking at 275/70/18 Grabber AT . Mine is 100% stock, I've had it for 10 years and I'm wanting to starting fixing it up little by little.