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low oil pressure

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    I drove slightly less than 40 second after loss of oil pressure - what is the odds for permanent damage to the engine ?

    Hi. Just this easter, I experienced the worst failure so far. I had to stop amid driving, but had to continue for about 40 seconds to place the care on a safe spot to park along the road before rescue. The engine has 235000 km (about 146000 miles). All service as recommended, oil replaced...
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    2021 oil pressure gauge

    I'm new to these but I brought a new one home yesterday and it seems that the oil pressure seems to be reading on the low side. Like I said, I'm new to this vehicle so I can't tell what is "normal" for it. But I seem to read that this may be an ongoing issue for this engine and some models...
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    Oil Pressure Reads Low

    My oil pressure is reading low. I changed out the oil pressure sending unit and it still reads low. I attached a presure gauage where the sending unit goes and and reads 40psi while ideling but still nothing on the dash. Anyone have any ideas?