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  1. K

    80 series clutch released clunk

    Hey guys, new here first post I went to look at purchasing an 80 series today and everything else is in perfect condition except for this one noise that happens in neutral. When the clutch is released in neutral there's a clunk noise that seems to come from around the transfer case, it happens...
  2. Jethro

    HJ60 gearbox needed

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my G reg, HJ 60 manual truck. Anyone know of one or know of any other trucks that would have a compatible one? Many thanks
  3. Mr_Red

    For sale: 80 Series

    Hi folks, I am selling my RHD 80 series Landcruiser for £5300 for the rather embarrassing reason that I am planning to overland across the Americas (thread to follow at some point) and RHDs are banned in some of the countries I want to drive through. Unfortunately I didn't stumble across this...
  4. R

    New Owner of an Old Troopy

    Hi All, Day2 of my Land Cruiser Club Experience! My Troopy is being shipped down to me from the Gold Coast and wanted to start doing some reading and getting my mechanical brain working again (what there is of it). So I have two questions: Firstly on Manuals and recommendations - I don't mind...
  5. C


    Good evening everybody. I'm looking forward to contributing and getting some help along the way with my 80's series landcruiser
  6. W

    Non Turbo Manual 105

    What do you think of item number: 121088012121 ?
  7. T

    HDJ100 Active Height Control - Toyota Repair/Service Manual + OBD-2 plug

    Hello! For now several days, I am looking for the right Toyota repair/service manual which would present the AHC system for my [early] 2005 HDJ100. I have already found this link (a 6000 [!] page manual) [3w] (it seems I am not allowed to put it as an url before...