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oil pressure

  1. R

    2021 oil pressure gauge

    I'm new to these but I brought a new one home yesterday and it seems that the oil pressure seems to be reading on the low side. Like I said, I'm new to this vehicle so I can't tell what is "normal" for it. But I seem to read that this may be an ongoing issue for this engine and some models...
  2. Alrightchief

    Oil pressures

    Morning guys without me getting technical would any of you be willing to put down type of oil used and take a picture of the dash oil pressure @ 2500 revs? Thanks a bunch!
  3. TravelToy

    1HZ 78 : looking for rpm and oil pressure gauge

    I'd love to have an rpm gauge (tacho ?) and an oil pressure gauge. Anyone any idea on how to install those, if at all possible ? Kind regards, Chris