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  1. Chocksaway

    Transmission, transfer and diff oils

    Hey guys, I've been having a good dig, downloaded a chunk of maintenance, owners and repair manuals but none that exactly seem to match my land cruiser. I'm wanting to top up the transmission, transfer and diff oils and just wanting to check on correct oils. So far I'm leaning towards GL4 SAE...
  2. Marpey

    Northern Norway driving in winter

    Hello I'm planning to drive my LC HDJ100 (4.2TD) to northern Norway in February (looking for northern lights!) to Tromso and maybe as far as possible towards the North Cape. Any good advice from anyone? In particular -studded tires, a necessity? - oil, for this extreme temperatures what would be...
  3. Tom Miller

    HJ60 Oil eating and leaking..

    Hi everyone, I have run a search on the threads but didn't come up with anything so apologies if this question has been answered. I have an HJ60 (1982) that was originally an AUS truck but now lives in the UK. I bought it from North Scotland with a recent re-spray and a dipped sub frame and...
  4. T

    1990 Troopey Oil Pressure Gauge Issues

    Hello. I have an issue with my HZ75's oil pressure gauge. It's a 2H Diesel. The gauge is barely showing a reading. Idle 2000 revs I've put a gauge on to check the oil pressure which is fine. Idle 2000 revs I've tried 2 new senders and a quick earthing of the wire to the sender, the earth...
  5. A

    Gearbox Oil Change

    60 Series 1986 LandCruiser 5 Speed Manual I can see where you drain the gearbox oil, but i cant find where your ment to put the oil in, and how do you check the oil in the gearbox. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. S

    Unknown Contaminant in Radiator

    Hi Everyone, I've got another bit of a puzzle with my Land Cruiser that I'm hoping someone here can help me reason out. A few days ago, I went out to my truck after having a short (15 mile) drive home from work to find a mysterious collection of puddles beneath it. The fluid didn't look like...