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Transmission, transfer and diff oils


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Mar 2, 2023
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Hey guys,

I've been having a good dig, downloaded a chunk of maintenance, owners and repair manuals but none that exactly seem to match my land cruiser.
I'm wanting to top up the transmission, transfer and diff oils and just wanting to check on correct oils.

So far I'm leaning towards GL4 SAE 90 for the Transmission and transfer and GL5 SAE 90 for the diffs.
Though this comes from reading a manual for a 2F engine. Screen shot below from Toyota Maintenance procedures - 86 Models

I've read @Franglais (Much appreciated) link: from this post HZJ 79 gearbox - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] - whilst I understand oils a lot more, I'm non the wiser as to which is required. :laughing:

Any help much appreciated.


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Update: ...So, out of a need to take a short trip, I swung by my mechanic as I didn't have a pump, out of concern, he just topped it up until I could get it in to investigate the leaking properly. He just went ahead with GL4 SAE 90 all round. Obviously didn't want to question his decisions.

So anyone who knows it should be GL5 in the diffs, let me know. I figured even the wrong grade, is better than low/none.
Check what roughtrax recommends, theyre pretty good