1. S

    Building a 70 series troop carrier diecast model!

    Dear Land Cruiser Club, I need some help, I am making a model of a 70 series land cruiser troop carrier - does anyone have good photos of the underside of the car on a ramp? I've got the rest of the car but needs some details for the underbody to make it real! Any help - gratefully received...
  2. Crispin

    How-to: Uploading Photos and Images - V2

    There is a much improved way to upload photos now which should make life a bit easier. Method one: 1 - Click on the "Image upload" icon above 2 - You should see this screen: 3 - Click on the "Select Files" button. 4 - Select all the photos you want to upoad. 5 - Once done...
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