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please help

  1. J

    Mechanic Needed in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Hello, This is my first post here. I hope this type of post is allowed and is in the right thread! I live in Canada but am looking to purchase an FJ or BJ 40 in Costa Rica. I will be keeping it there to use while we are in the country. I'm looking for any assistance in finding a knowledgeable...
  2. J

    dual fuel 80 running rough on gas or not running at all

    Hey guys. I just picked myself up a 1994 1fzfe dual fuel 80 it is a great car and I love it so far. Never had a problem on the 2 hour drive home driving on gas but a day later after I changed the air filter it started to not idle properly and sounded as it was missing but drove fine, revved...