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prado 90 prado90 vx

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    New Prado 90 series owner. Ignition issues.

    Hi All. New here and new owner of a 90 series LWB 3.4L Prado. 314 000 km, no mods. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but still keen to learn to maintain smaller issues or at least diagnose them. Have some sand and rocky terrain experience. As with anything ageing, issues start cropping up...
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    2004 Prado 90 series in Colombia

    hey whats up everyone, went from a badass Jeep back in the USA, but moved to Colombia 3 months ago and they love Land Cruisers here, so being they look awesome i had to give one a go. Interesting fact, they produced the 90 series here in Colombia until 2009!!! everyone else got the new body...