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    Radiator overheating

    Hi everyone, my Land Cruiser Colorado/ Prado (95 series 1KT-TE) has finally succumbed to needing a new radiator after just passing 250,000 miles. the original one was in a state and was getting very hot on the radiator top where it eventually started to leak from. I had serviced it well over the...
  2. K

    How to change thermostat in KZJ90?

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of battling the overheating issues that have become infamous with the 1KZ-TE . I've pulled out the old radiator (new one just about ready to go back in), fitted new hoses and have refilled the fan hub with silicon oil - thanks for your advice so far! The new coolant I...
  3. S

    flushing coolant on V6

    Hi, first time poster here, as is common, I have a problem....:oops: Had a radiator leak that dumped the coolant out the rad, stripped everything down and found small hole where transmission cooler rad had been rubbing and worn small hole. Repaired rad and tried to flush through as per...
  4. S

    Unknown Contaminant in Radiator

    Hi Everyone, I've got another bit of a puzzle with my Land Cruiser that I'm hoping someone here can help me reason out. A few days ago, I went out to my truck after having a short (15 mile) drive home from work to find a mysterious collection of puddles beneath it. The fluid didn't look like...