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rear bumper

  1. HujSgory

    Rear bumper plastic trim.

    Good day fellows. I'm looking to rebuild a HJ60, currently trying to locate some trim parts, the rear bumper trim is a problem, the outer end caps I can find, but the fog light surround and inner step cap seem impossible to locate (so far) anyone parted out a HJ60 and have these parts...
  2. Bodie

    Rear Bumper Spare Wheel Carrier!

    Just noticed this on Ebay and one of the images shows a rear single spare wheel carrier, which looks like it's been fitted to the standard 80 Series rear bumper. The problem is, the photo is not brilliant and looks...
  3. Prado150RD

    Help with the OEM Hitch Parts Numbers

    Hello colleagues Does any of you have this OEM hitch (see photo) in your vehicle, and can you pass me the part numbers of the hitch and the bumper plastic cap over it. I want to replicate this original trailer system on my 2010 L.C. Padro 150 VX.