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repair shop

  1. Rhett Gustafson

    BRRRRR From Chiberia!!! (Finally going to tackle my futz'd GPS NAV system)

    Hi there! I have a 2004 Series 100 (232k miles, engine #2) with a NAV system which integrates stereo, climate and NAV. I am madly researching solutions to fix / reman / replace my "GPS-NAV System" computer, which has not worked properly since JUST out of warranty @45k mi. Since I replaced the...
  2. Simon Scott

    Advice for 100 series garage repair.

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2000 landcruiser with 200,000 on it. Its in incredibly good shape for the year and overall I'm happy with my purchase. Since owning it, I have had to replace the rear pads, rotors and starter motor and have all the fluids redone. Prior to the starter motor fix...
  3. M

    Landcruiser Club Malaysia / Repair Work Shop in Malaysia

    Hello, we are overlanders from Switzerland, travelling through southeast asia with our old BJ75. We have a broken A-pillon on the right upper corner and need good quality repair job to be done in Malaysia. Furthermore we hope to find some insights in good offroad tracks or any other hints for...