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  1. jef

    Looking for a good offset for a new set of rims

    I'm currently looking to upgrade from 285 75 r16 to 315 75 r16 mud terrains but looking for a good set of rims, my current rims are a bit to wide, have only 4 of them and the dimensions are a bit unknown. A wild guess is 16x10 et-? around 30 I think. Is 16x8 et-25 a good choice? I want the...
  2. Dan_the_drifter

    Thoughts on those steel wheels on ebay... Or any aftermarket 16's!

    As everyone knows the wheel selection for a 100 series is quite erm, dismal to say the least! I was trawling through e-bay as you do and saw these 'JOHN RED 16X8' steel wheels and just wondered if anyone has a pic of them fitted, interested in possibly swapping my tyres over onto a set as my...
  3. K

    PZJ77 Suspension Lift, Tyre and Rim size selection

    Hi guys, just signed up. I have a 1993 PZJ77(LWB, leaf springs all round, 3.5 diesel) and I am looking at giving it a lift and getting some rims and tyres for it so looking for recommendations. Putting an ARB winch bar and probably a Superwinch on the front. Application is for on road and farm...
  4. N

    On Offer 5x Land Cruiser Alloys 16inch

    Hi Guys We are relocating back to SA and I have these alloy rims up for grabs looking in the region of about £120.00 but obviously am open to offers please let me know if you are interested. I bought them a couple of years ago but then never got round to putting them onto my Collie. Drop me a...
  5. N

    WANTED - 18in rims with or without tyres

    Anyone got 1 or 2 standard 18in rims with or without tyres for a 2004 Amazon for sale? I think they are 8in wide and accept standard 276 60 R18 tyres. OEM - non standard sizes/designs not of interest. Neil
  6. N

    18in versus 16in wheels

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, but not new to Land Cruisers - on my 3 generation of Amazons. I have a manual 04 Amazon with 18in wheels and standard 275 60 R18 tyres. I'm after additional rims for summer tyres (currently have 18in winter tyres fitted). The wheel (and tyre) size changed...