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  1. Brecht

    Scotland Rally 2024 (Roadtrip) and some camping afterwards!

    My girlfriend and I are planning to participate in the Scotland Rally 2024 with my landcruiser 90 SWB. A fun trip driving 1800km within 6 days Day 1: Calais- Stonehenge Day 2: Stonehenge- Snowdonia Day 3: Snowdonia - Lake District Day 4: Lake District - Edinburgh Day 5: Edinburgh - Isle of...
  2. Brecht

    Little roadtrip with my 90 (suspension question)

    Hey guys, Doing my first little roadtrip right know through germany, only a few stops because I don't have a lot of free time right know, 1300km I guess. Loaded with 2, rooftop tent, 270° awning, Dometic fridge, some kitchen stuff etc. Oh and 2 mtb on the back. The problem I noticed (even...