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  1. fittus

    KZJ70 Restoration with new GRJ71-Body // Old Speedometer@dashboard - Suggestions?

    Hi, our KZJ70 restoration project is taking shape and soon we will made the wedding of the KZJ70 chassis with the new GRJ71 body :)) The construction year of the KZJ70 is 1994. The old mechanical speedometer dont't fits in the new GRJ7x dashboard (see pictures). Is any out there, with an...
  2. K

    1998 Prado Speedo failure = possible no MOT

    Hello all, A friend of mine has reached out looking for a "plate meter circuit" for his 98 Prado. I've searched the usual places and as a discontinued part, my best bet is a used piece. The part number I have is: 83861-60190, which is the full circuit board for the whole cluster, which on...
  3. Jeremy Madden

    Hello All!

    Jeremy 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser (Lucy Blue) Bought as a play thing Wants to be around forever All that I have done to it is add new tires and replace the replace the belt 243000 plus miles as the Speedometer stopped. LOL! I have purchased a new pigtail and sensor but something seems to be the...