1. Imran omar

    UZJ100 Sunroof Issue

    Hey need some help. So I been restoring my LC bit by bit. When I bought the car sunroof was fine now it kinda starts to open but doesn't open. I may have previously cleaned it too well and not greased it again. I hope it's not jammed cables etc. Is it easy to remove the glass so I could try...
  2. SimonD

    Pros and cons of 2.5m roofrack

    Would one of you be able to post, or direct me to, a picture of an installed 2.5m roofrack? If you have one, what are the pros and cons besides the obvious ones like overloading it? Do you have it sticking out over the windscreen or projecting backwards? My current Patriot roofrack is...
  3. S

    1999 VX Limited - Electrical Windows, Sunroof and central locking stopped working

    I just stopped to fill up, everything was working fine. When I wanted to open window no reaction. Noticed that non of the windows is working from any door or switch, sunroof not working and central locking not working. Seems to look like a power supply problem, where do I start to look? Checked...
  4. N

    sunroof moulding

    Sorry if this has been discussed already (I searched and only found one thread), but my 1995 FJ80 is seriously leaking around the sunroof. It stormed last night, so I sat inside the truck to watch where the water enters. I watched as the trim covering the A pillars soaked and then the water...
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