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  1. hamzahc

    1989 LJ70 - Replacement tail lights, experience with LEDs from China?

    I'm looking at changing out the rear lights on my 1989 LJ70 so that I can get the brakes and indicators working on the wings rather than the bumpers - and thought it would be good to try and upgrade to some more powerful LEDs. I haven't found any options apart from these from China. Has anyone...
  2. D

    Wanted - 80 series LH (NS) taillight assembly

    MOT time approaches and I need a LH (ie UK Near Side) tail light to fit a UK 80 series to replace the one knocked by a delivery truck. It needs to posted to Mrs B as I'm currently stuck serving with Her Majesty's finest. Good condition only, please, with as little contact corrosion as possible...