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  1. M

    BFG A/T 285/75/16 for sale

    Selling my BFG Goodrich tyres due to getting some mud terrains shortly. There’s 4 tyres. 2 on 9mm and 2 on 8mm. I’m asking for £500. Location Doncaster
  2. Z

    Big tyres

    Hello fellow Landcruiser enthusiasts I am new to the scene and wanted to know if anybody knew what is the biggest size of tyres and rims i could get away with on stock equipment ? Also the possibility of a 2" Lift and what size of tyre and alloys that will allow me to fit ideally i would...
  3. I


    Just joined the fold (after years of misery with the ‘green oval’ brigade) and now the proud owner of a 2001 5dr Collie D4D Changing the old tyres to a set of 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and now sorting a set of steel rims, but completely confused myself on what offset I need. I’m thinking 16x8...