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  1. S

    VIN Decoding - Year of Manufacture Required

    Can anyone assist with decoding VIN/Frame No. HDJ810077110? I am wanting to derive as much information as possible, including the Production Date/Year of manufacture, and the original engine - 1HD-T or 1HD-FT. Also, what was the intended market?
  2. B

    Vehicle Identifiaction Number (Paint Code) and Hard top Conversion

    Cruisers, Multi thread; question 1 (VIN) Does anyone have insight to VIN's and the paint codes? I've been trying to decipher the color of my new 72 FJ 40. It's yellow, but under the fenders is some Red, and I have some green on other spots. OK that there are replacements but want to go back...
  3. thelostscott

    FJ45 History / Build Date?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out more information regarding my 1976 FJ45RP-KW Pickup so I can source parts with better accuracy and was after some help. It seems as though during 1976 there was a design change from July to August (07/1976-08/1976) as on ToyoDIY there are different part numbers...