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03 100 Headlight issues


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Feb 25, 2023
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Hey guys bit of a problem over here with headlights suddenly.
It started with the passenger side headlight not turning on when headlights were switched on. Bit of a tap on the exterior of the headlight unit got it working, so I thought loose connection.
The parker was turning on as normal.
Now the drivers side headlight isn't turning on either. The parkers on both sides are turning on.
The 'tap' doesn't work on the drivers side.
Obviously tapping the headlights every time you need them on isn't a fix and I haven't had a lot of time but from the quick look I had there wasn't any loose connections/fittings that I could find.
What could possibly be causing this? Has anyone experienced this before? Any help appreciated before I go in to my mechanic, hopefully something easy to fix.

Coincidentally, or not?, the light for the gear selector (P, D, R etc), wont turn on anymore either.
Both at the same time? Would be some pretty bad luck.
I will try a new bulb in both though, I guess that is the easiest point to start troubleshooting.
Not that far fetched - probably replaced at the same time last time, so same age, same usage, same knocks and bumps...

I know of a lexus Rx where they almost always go out together - not sure why but it does!