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100 owners advice /comments would be welcomed


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Mar 3, 2010
I am in the process of looking at Land Cruisers, started looking at 120 / 150 I have driven both models and have been given an indepth tour of a 120 courtesy of Gary. Before making my mind up I feel the need to understand the 100, have to say it looks appealing also.

So I would really appreciate all thoughts on the 100, details would be much appreciated. My thought is to have it as my regular vehicle, not into laneing (or at least not yet). Annual mileage is not high, about 6k, I have two large dogs and do use my current large estate to cart mechanical parts about for one of my other hobbies, anyway that is another story.

All comments, pointers, guidance and thoughts would certainly be much appreciated. My thought is for a fairly recent vehicle with modest mileage on it.

Cheers, Anthony
For what you've described, the main difference is size. Creature comforts, reliability etc probably aren't vastly different I wouldn't have thought?
The 100 is just bigger in every way, bigger engine, wider, larger boot, more legroom etc. Because of this they are more expensive to buy and run than a 120. Seeing as you will not be using it much, fuel consumption will probably not be an issue. Its like comparing a Discovery to a Range Rover but instead of gaining luxury and loosing off road ability you gain luxury but everything else is the same if not better with the 100 series.
I looked at both before getting a 100, It would appear to be a pretty stout vehicle
4 weeks after buying it I did a 5500 mile trip down to Morocco and back with a group of freinds all driving Land Rover Defenders, the bit that really sticks out in my mind is that there was nothing they could do that I couldn't all from the seat of a luxury car!
Many thanks for feedback, I certainly continue to be encouraged by the comments. In the 2004 to 2007 year's range are there any specific weak points that I should look out for, all thoughts welcome.
If you're looking at a 100, see if you can get hold of the 105 EFI.

SFA which means good articulation and good lift when installing suspension upgrades.
Also very popular in South Africa because it is close to the 80 series chassis wise.

Just bigger in terms of cab etc.

Fantastic vehicle, but heavy on fuel though...
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Ooh, 105, i want one now :twisted:
Here are some pics...

Going up a hill at a funday last year....



:cool: :cool: :cool:
Nice pics Martiens ,and nice to see you on the UK forum.
I drive a 105 myself,and there are just no comparrison to these cars.Martiens is right when he says that you must try and get the 4500 EFI.It delivers a 165 kw compared to the non turbo diesel 4.2 model we get here locally,that only delivers 96 kw :cry: Martiens please help with the loading of the pictures :?: ;)
We cannot get 105's in the UK :( (Alright I have seen one for sale in the Past)
24Seven said:
We cannot get 105's in the UK :( (Alright I have seen one for sale in the Past)

I was just thinking that there was that one on autotrader not so long ago.
And just to make everyone green, it ended up being sold on ebay for £5500 :roll:

I ummed and aahed over buying it but the petrol engine put me off in the end...
Martiens please help with the loading of the pictures

Trevor - easy; Just paste the image location in between the two thingies and you are done.
And oh ja - disable BBCode if it is on.

I used pics from the LCCSA gallery.

Hope it makes sense
Thanx Martiens,im a computer expert as you can hear,can you please leave me your number so that i can phone you,and we can go through this manuelly :?: :oops: :?: :(
Sorry Custodians....know this is off topic

Trevor here you go - oh ate 2 four 4 9 nine 5 four 1.

Give me a shout and we'll go through it step by step.