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100 series parts for sale and wanted

Geoff 28

New Member
Jun 28, 2020
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Well for a bit of lockdown excitement I’ve been having a clear out in the toy shop so I’ve got some decent AHC parts to get rid of, height sensors, accumulator, spheres and the pump/reservoir. They system was working ok when I removed them but they’ve been lurking in a box in a dark corner ever since, they’ve outstayed their welcome now so if anyone needs any spares they’re all going super cheap!

So just when you think your getting on top of the “to do” list my rev counter has started playing up, so I’m after an instrument panel. It needs to be from a 5 speed facelift model (1hdfte) so late 2003 on, I’ve trawled through the junk on fleabay and tried a few of the parts search websites plus endless calls but without any luck, so any leads on one being broken would be gratefully received!