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120 Owner for years - new to DIY


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Oct 31, 2023
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HI there I am Rob and I moved to the UK a few years ago. Last year I bought a 2006 LC5 with 111K miles on it and I am determined to learn some mechanics. Back in SA I still have a 2006 120 V6 I have owned since new but have always given it to Toyota to service/repair as I know less than nothing about working on cars. Anyway, I have been trying to teach myself with these great forums, a lot of Fourby4diesel videos and lots of help from Tony in Cyprus! So far I have messed around with liquid changes etc and a few weeks ago did injectors/EGR clean and Manifold clean which so far seems to be working. Love these cars and nice to have some company as we fettle with them.


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Hi Rob, that's two new 120 owners on the same day !!
Glad to hear you have been in touch with TonyC, a real expert for advice.
He has been so cool - I had ordered reman injectors and after a few stern whatsapp's from him I sent them back for new Denso's. He also set me right with the torque settings. Think he despaired when I asked him if the airbox was the thing behind the glove box ;-)