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12ht ir 1hdt


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Aug 16, 2010
looking for a 12HT or 1HDT engine

prefer to find a 12H-T

probably only find it in a HJ-61 import though :(
Is the 12ht engine you talk about the 60series with a turbo on it? Got to speak to a bloke i know tomoz who has a couple. They are very rare in the uk im told though. Ill mail tomoz after. 1hdt i could prob sort.
Re: 12ht

Thank You very much for looking into it for me

I want to put a 12H-t and h55 into my 71 FJ40 badly

I will have to do some more research on the 1h I may have got that wrong--make sure it would fit
but the 12H-t is a definite go, it has been done already

I saw a 2H go for £100 on ebay and was sorely tempted but you know when you get your heart set on something! :roll:

thanks again

When you say a 2h for 100 pounds what exactly do you mean?????
Ive had a word with him but he isnt really interested in selling hj61 engines. One is in his uk factory fitted turbo 60 and the other is in a 60 that has a turbo techniks on it. I am going to see him soon so i will look more into it for you. The 1hdt will go into a 40 series or so i am told. Pm me if you want to go down that route and ill sort you one or 07968389167 thanks karl
It looks like at least from the the board traffic on it that the 1hdt is too long and would result in a very very short rear DS--I coulndt imagine going shorter then my 2f plus 4 speed rear ds

there is one on Ebay rebuilt from OZ but for the price i could import a whole hj61 with a rebuilt motor from Japan

oh well hold out for what you want or be happy with what you got right?


B Smith
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