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13BT power steering pulley


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Nov 5, 2018
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Hey everyone! I’m wondering if anyone out there knows part numbers for a pulley/bearing combination that would work for the power steering idler/tensioner on a 13BT (or similar 3B etc.)

Through a short series of dumb mistakes on my part, I’ve lost my pulley, and there is no chance of getting it back. The OEM part is discontinued and seems impossible to find, so I’m thinking if I can get a similar pulley and just replace the bearing to fit the arbor bolt on the tensioner I may be able to make that work. It may, perhaps require some shimming or spacers, but that would be better than driving without power steering, which has been what I’ve been up to for about a month.

Even if I just had a part number for a pulley that works, I could figure out the bearing side of the equation.

Any help would be appreciated!