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1983 FJ40


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Dec 14, 2020
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Hi new here I just started working on a 83 FJ40 barn find with 50k on it. It has been sitting since 2002. It was not put away right so I need to replace a lot of mechanical parts. Were is a good source for parts.
Thank you,
Hi and welcome,

You could start with www' as many of their parts also have diagrams on their site so that may help in identifying the exact part/s that you need. There is also: , , and loads more. Oddly enough it is also worth trying your Toyota dealer.

Tell us more about your FJ40 and we do like photos!


Ok after starting to work on it I have realized that this is more work than I want to get into. I'm going to sell it as is.
The bodywork looks very straight and rust free but as you say it's the mechanical aspects that need attention.

But it is always better not to embark on a project if the assessed tasks are not surmountable for whatever reason than to end up with a half completed project.


Recently I have been having some computer problems and just went back through this thread and no photos but when I responded there were photos and I was just sitting here wondering why... and then I spotted rogan42's avatar and the photos I referred to were of that blue 45. I remember thinking that is really in great shape for a barn find.

I have, therefore , confused the situation by my earlier response, for which I apologise. [There is a stone swan in the background of the blue 45]


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I thought it was only me loosing the plot, where are pictures I seen of the blue 45?
There were pics, looks like rogan has chosen to remove them.....