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1989 Factory Reset-ish


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Dec 18, 2023
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Had a little time here and there whilst January was quieter with work so made some small progress with the cruiser.

First up I picked up a pair of batteries, connected everything up and it was good to see some lights on the dashboard as well as the side lights working. Next I’ll be replacing the starter relay as you can see from the picture it’s not in great shape, same with the negative on the passenger side. It seems like the negative clamp on the passenger is also a different diameter to the other clamps as that wouldn’t fit on the G7 snugly so that will be replaced also. Obviously not that alert that morning so pic shows the battery the wrong way round.

Also picked up a pair of 275/70 Geolandars on eBay as I was getting bored of inflating the tyre every few days. Swapped the rear passenger wheel to the front and removed the spare wheel that I think is beyond repair.

I’ve not got round to fitting the alternator yet, I need to grab a mounting bolt for it. But that has had a bit of a clean up also.

Once I’ve got the alternator in I’ll be replacing the fuel lines. Other than checking the fuel tank for debris and water, are there any other checks before linking that back up? It was previously started last Summer with a Jerry can rigged up.

Main objective for me now is getting it to start and move around the farm so I can get it to a flat concrete pad and safely strip it down to see the state of everything.

Been great to look through Hayden’s Big Bertha thread and will go down a similar route, though I’m going to try and get it as close to original as possible with the exception of some modern gadgets though I’m long way off putting those things in :)

Found lots of useful info around the forum to help so thanks for all the resources and inspiration.


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