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Jun 2, 2020
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Gday, I'm wondering if someone can tell me when the big end bearings on a 1HZ need changing? The replacement one I bought for my 80 series has 330,000 klm's on it. On the original one out of the 80, #'s 1,2 and 3 bearing shells ended up like alfoil with very deep scoring of #1 journal. It will need welding ,heat treatment/hardening and machining if it is to be used again. I was going up hill and the temp gauge started to go into the red before I pulled over and let it cool down . When I restarted it there was a noticeable knock. The rest of the engine has no damage. The oil level was at the full level and the radiator full of coolant. It hadn't been driven for quite a while although it was started and driven around the yard regularly. Maybe the radiator is blocked a little causing it to get hot? Are 1HZ's prone to BEB failure like this? If someone has an opinion it would be appreciated.