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1HZ disaster!


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Jun 19, 2021
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Morning all!

roller coaster of week picking up a new troopy!

viewed the car, agreed on a sale price, car went for roadworthy. upon picking it up from the mechanics its developed a very serious knock!
if it had been making this noise when I looked at it I would have just turned around.... but the deal is done!
a list of work was completed for the roadworthy, the only things I see on the invoice that might be engine noise RPM related are as follows

- new power steering pump
- the mechanics some how hydraulically locked the engine as the battery was on the way out so it didn't get high enough RPM to start. this filled the cylinder/s with diesel locking it. (this is what I was told by the previous owner who was told this by the mechanic)
- they removed an Aux oil cooler by just looping the hose back to the inlet outlet below the filter.

mechanics said they checked the tappet clearances again when I raised concern about the noise and as far as he is concerned the engine is in great condition and the noise has come about due to the 3 liters of oil they added after removing the cooler.... I'm not sure how he can say that as it sounds like light artillery as you drive off down the road!

plan this morning was to check the PS pump just to make sure its not got fault gears, maybe check tappet clearance again, and check with all belts off just to make sure its coming from in the block.

if anyone has a good diesel mechanic Brisbane, Cleveland area that would be great! I've just bought the car and now can't even drive it on the holiday Ive got planned!

cheers legends!