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1k mile 80

Jake the Peg

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Aug 17, 2018
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A 94 80 with 1k miles just sold in the land of Uncle Sam for $136k
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A thousand miles? Wow that's 47 thousand less than mine. Hmm let me do the maths per thousand . Err, divide by no. Hang on. Carry the three.. No that can't be it.

I'm rich!!!!!! Oh wait, that works out at around fourpence. Something not right there.
That’s just a waste in my books…
A waste of a great vehicle sat for 26 years not being used…
and a waste of US $139k when the buyer could probably have bought a good FZJ 80 for a fraction of that.
I know, I know, they’re a collector and this is unique and all that, but where’s the pleasure in that?
I‘ve had so much fun clocking my 1995 up to almost 300k miles, I can’t imagine owning a vehicle and never driving it.
Takes a lot to make a world I suppose.
Agree with you there Clive 'What a waste'..Its got 333,000 less miles than Mine.... But i did like one of the quotes in the comments section. (The real problem here is you can’t drive it; every thousand miles the thing deprecates 3% ($4,250!), and at 30k miles it’ ain’t worth “Jack”… )......... :lol: