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200 SERIES 270 degree AWNING

May 7, 2021
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Recently put a 270 CAOS Deluxe Awning on the weapon, Very happy with it, price was good as well ( $1400) I added a couple of things with the purchase and they were of good quality and good price. If you think you cannot put a 270 awning on due to the whale tale on the rear lift up door, this might have you thinking as no cross arm goes across on a angle to the back door, it goes straight (90 degrees) to the whale tale and roof rack.

I had to muck arounds a bit with the right position but this was a minor issue. I had to go to roof rack city and purchased a "offset" bracket system as this made it a lower height, this is only due to my garage height and it fir perfectly as putting my toys away under the roof of the house is important to me. After 2 months of use my overall assessment is that it is well worth the time to have a look at this brand. Any questions please ask?.


  • 210418- CAOS NOMAD 270 deluxe - front.jpg
    210418- CAOS NOMAD 270 deluxe - front.jpg
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  • 210418- CAOS NOMAD 270 deluxe - rear.jpg
    210418- CAOS NOMAD 270 deluxe - rear.jpg
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