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  • Hi Andy, i wonder if you have some parts i may need? i and after for my 3B H55 combo a PTO, a clutch fork and some bolts to fit gearbox to engine? can you please let me know, cheers Jon
    Hi Andy, consider the Patrol sold. :icon-biggrin:
    I trust your description well enough to be confident that it's in good shape and I'm looking forward to getting it back on the road.
    Give me a call and let me know when would be best to collect, although as discussed, I'll have to either rent a trailer myself or arrange a low loader to collect it so that may take a bit of planning and coordination from us both.
    Thanks for the prompt response Andy. Do you have any pictures of the truck as it currently stands? You could send them to my email - [email protected]

    One problem I would have is getting it back home from Sheffield, but I guess that's something you could help me out with...?

    Is it solid underneath and is the interior complete and serviceable? Like I say, my aim would be to sort the bodywork and get it through an MOT to then use it as my every day vehicle. Again, some decent pics of the truck would be great, although you're not too far 'up-north' from me.
    Hi Matt, you ok? I'm at a point where I have decided to sell the Patrol as I just have too much going on for the foreseeable future. The 4.2 ones are the most sought after and this has only 86K miles. Its had a new starter and the front axle ends have been rebuilt. It does need the bit of bodywork that you saw finishing off and needs batteries.
    I'm looking for £1500 for the Troll without the winch and the massive tyres ( there are wheels on it)

    see what you think


    Hi Andy, How did you get on with the SWB Patrol? I've been looking for quite some time to use both on and off road...
    It seems as though they're quite hard to get hold of!
    Hi Andy, hope you're well.

    The BF tyres went straight on the Pajero and the extra diff clearance has actually made it surprisingly capable - so thanks!

    However, I'm looking for something a bit more 'truck like' and have found myself on the lookout for a cheap Patrol or LandCruiser! I like the idea of having a big block diesel lump and lockable diffs, whilst maintaining a bit of comfort - plus they look awesome!

    This got me thinking whether you'd be willing to sell me your friends Patrol as a bit of a project? I'm not talking in the immediate future, but perhaps in a few months time when you've completed the necessary welding and it's back in a road legal state, I'd be willing to take it off your hands as a 'driveable project' to restore the paintwork and bring it back up to scratch.

    Or, maybe you know of a cheap Cruiser which I could use as a basis?

    Thanks, Matt.
    Hi Andy, I've joined this forum (as a Pajero owner) just to ask if you have any 285 75 16 mud tyres for sale currently as you kept coming up on Google whenever I searched!
    I don't seem to be able to PM, probably as I'm too new, but feel free to drop me a text 0777 327 4673. Thanks
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