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200 series reversing light


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Jun 11, 2015
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Hi can anyone please tell me where I can pick up the reversing light wire on my 200 series? I want to add a light near the tow bar to make it easier to see the caravan when hitching up.
how about from the plug wot your caravan plugs into??
how about from the plug wot your caravan plugs into??

A lot of Australian 7 pin plugs don't run the reversing lights on a trailer, at least not in the same way that a UK or European plug does. If they're the double thickness ones then they might have a feed to do so.

It's something I'm thinking about on my 4Runner as well, I could do with a bit more light sometimes reversing up our driveway (especially when I'm avoiding the tactical coloured motorbike...)
Pin 2 may be used for reverse lights in standard wiring configuration, but as Ed noted, many installers don't bother in Oz. Many in fact use it for a positive feed for batteries which I don't recommend.
But aside from that, if your wiring doesn't already have a reverse feed to that pin 2, then you will need to pick off the reverse light from the back of the light fitting.
Yes I thought of that but the reversing lights are not wired to the 7 pin socket. :-(
I would not tap into the the reverse light as you may throw up problems with the canbus, you should be able to get a can bus friendly relay, A quick look on google and it seems the following relay will work and article;

10amp SY4050;

i would double check with someone who is experienced with caravan installations.

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Ive just changed the standard 21w reversing bulb on the hilux to an 80w equivalent led - massive improvement for about £18.

I will find the link and pop it up on here for info.

The problem I found with the 95 being lifted was that I had unlit areas, wish id thought of led bulbs then. It would certainly light up a towing area.

the other option could be to run an extra wire off the number plate.