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4.2 TD - starts but cuts out

kamaal hussain

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Dec 20, 2017
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4.2 TD LC,

Starts up first time but will NOT rev up, black smoke and then cuts out 15 seconds later, then slightly struggles to start.

Any ideas or info will be appreciated.

Check fuel supply, starting with the fuel filter and work backwards from there.
If its been stood anytime check for rodents nest in air filter. Seen that befote
Fuel filter OK
Air filter OK

Unplugged EGR but no luck

Noticed some smoke coming from pump area in engine bay

Want to see if its an easy fix before I book it in a garage and hurt the wallet.
Sounds like fuel starvation. Is there a fuel filter in the fuel tank? Check fuel flow at all junctions between fuel tank to engine.
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Try removing the exhaust after the turbo or loosen it at a joint, does it have a cat on it?
A little more info on engine type and age would help.
So it only went for an MOT in July and failed, parked it up all OK, and now this.

Its 1HD 4.2 td 100 series 1998
Check if butterfly valve in intake opens. It's vacuum operated via an electric actuator/solenoid.

Try with diesel directly from a bottle with a hose straight to IP. That circumvents the tank sieve, fuel pipe, diesel bug, and main filter.
Is the truck a 100 series? 4.2 fte engine code have a common problem with the wiring to the fuel pump valve solinoid, it has other names but the wiring loom is too tight and at around 200k ish the pins pull out the plug and cause your fault, I had it on mine, I guy on YouTube has taken his engine out when I’m pretty sure he had this issues, if you Google it it’s quite well documented fault in 100 series with fte engines.