4X4 STuck



Markus, always let us know which model of TLC you have. It also helps if you describe how long you have had the truck as some things crop-up as one gets usefd to them and become accepted as part of the package.
It sounds like an 80 series but could be a 70 series as the engines and transmissions are common in several models.
On the gearbox, it sounds as if you are having a common problem. Second gear especially on the H150F gearbox when difficult to engage is often regarded as a 'feature' of the design. i.e. its the first to give problems. But usually it can be shifted down if the change is double de-clutched. Its surprising what a gearbox oil change can do for this problem, especially if using one particular synthetic which was devised for a similar problem, I think, in the Pajero. Though I am sure we can find out the name of the oil if necessary.
Keep thinking about your experience and post any other observations and I am sure colectively we can come-up with some possible answers.
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70/80/90/105 driver