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4X4 Stuck



Chris wrote...
Incidentally your original post referred to a sticky 2nd gear. This is
a standard "feature" of the manual box, and is worse in cold weather
and/or when the gearbox is still cold. As someone else said changing the
oil to a multigrade (the 1996 user manual suggests 75w90 and a common
suggestion is Castrol VMX-M) can help a lot, but there is no absolute
cure - the gearbox in these trucks was originally designed for a bus,
and it shows!
2nd gear in these boxes ranges from "sticky when cold, but OK once warm"
(as I'm lucky enough to have) to "impossible except when stationary" -
and it probably depends on prior driving habits giving more or less wear
on the synchro hubs. The cheapest solution is to learn to double
de-clutch when changing down into 2nd!
Markus, Chris has now identified the oil of which I could not remember the
name. Thanks Chris.
Chris and I have often swapped stories on our manual boxes, whereas the
majority of 80's owned by forum members have an auto transmission.
I have changed the whole gearset, bearings, seals, and synchro hubs in my
80, and when on the road again I still had a sluggish 2nd gear when the oil
was cold. It was better when hot but not a lot better than it was before the
overhaul. (But the overhaul was primarily for a new input shaft bearing
Try driving a smaller 4 cylinder model of Toy and you will immediately feel
a difference, they use an automotive designed box rather than the heavy
commercial box used in the 6 cylinder diesel transmissions. But the heavier
box seems to last forever !
Linslade, Beds