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75 series ute suspension


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Jun 14, 2014
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I'm wanting to raise my car with a 2" suspension lift. I've researched it a fair bit but I just get too confused with all of the opinions people have and what I should get.
I have found 2 places that offer a fair few brands here in australia and I was wondering if anyone could help me in deciding what the best combination of parts would be. I'm leaning towards kings springs for the leaves but that's all I'm thinking so far.
Here are screen shots of all the brands and components offered by the companies.


Thanks for any help and advice,
I also just realized I should probably put this in the suspension section of the technical sub
Being in Australia your spoilt for choice with many brands and suppliers, especially in Queensland.

I have EFS springs and EFS XTR shocks fitted to my 105 in Oz, rides and handles well, copes with a full load with no problems. I'm very happy with them. I went with EFS on advice from Chris at FNB 4WD, it's what he uses on his personal truck, plus a good friend has EFS suspension on his HJ47 which he has done a lot of touring with.

When I took the 105 along to Direct Suspensions near Brisbane, they assessed the vehicle, it's load and its intended use, and advised the correct spring and shock specs to suit. Order them in and fitted them two days later. Job done.

Sorry if I've confused you further by adding another brand into the mix, but it'll certainly be worth speaking to the professionals to see what set up they advise for your rig. Then make an informed decision from there.
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I was also thinking about efs too. Efs offer a whole kit too so that might make it easier. I was thinking about the ome kit but have read a fair few bad things on them recently so it has deterred me from them.
But once again thanks for your experience and advice.
Hey I'm looking at the efs kit now too. Looks like I will get that. How much did it cost you to get them fitted if you don't mind saying. I was thinking about doing It myself but of getting them fitted isn't too expensive I may just do that.