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80 axle



Hi All,
Does anyone know if the front axle from a 91 80 series would fit a 94 80
series, I have had a problem with my 94 80 that could be solved by an axle
transplant and have the chance of a 91 axle donor, all help gratefully
Hi Chas,
The chances are they may not.
In 1992 they upgraded the brakes and there were one or two upgrades to the
undercarriage that would have made a difference.
Having said that if you can get me the VIN number of the Donor vehicle I can
check the part numbers with yours.
Also having said that, since you only really need the knuckle and all
attached to it, assuming it has the Diff locks fitted, you might be able to
sell the axles to someone with a Jap import that might be interested in axles
with Diff Locks.
Re the shopping list, here is what I think that you will need from Milners:
1 CV Joint (ABS) 000784A ?80.00 ?80.00
1 Front Drive Flange (1990-1994) 004467 ?32.00 ?32.00
1 Front Outer Wheel Bearing (same front and back) 000510 ?9.50 ?9.50
1 Front Inner Wheel bearing(same front and back) 000509 ?15.00 ?15.00
1 Front Hub & Swivel Seal kit 000198K ?30.00 ?30.00
1 Wheel Bearing Spacer Washer 000716 ?1.50 ?1.50
2 Wheel bearing locking Nut 000717 ?1.50 ?3.00
1 Wheel bearing locking washer 001477 ?0.85 ?0.85
1 Swivell Housing Stub Axle 004987 ?70.00 ?70.00
1 Front Brake Disc 8/1992 - 1998 001791 ?33.00 ?33.00
VAT ?48.10
Total ?322.95
You should also get the following from Toyota:
1 Inner Axle oil seal 90310-35010 ?8.50 ?8.50
If you need any more help with it give me a call.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift