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80 Interest growing!

Probatio est,..... 120<80
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Can we still mention cellery and BBQs?
No money will part me from any of my 80s. I got them along with the 60s 100 and hilux because I quite simply have always loved them. I get pleasure from simply looking at them. I drive them all regularly and I simply don't want another type of vehicle. In fact I also want a nice 70 too now....and a 40.....and...........
I understand the temptation with prices as they are. I can’t see prices coming down any time soon as vehicles like these aren’t being made any more. I mean Toyota can’t even sell the new 300 here can they.
Although I agree if someone came at me with a crazy price then I’d sell it and import another one lol

I’m betting that note on your Windscreen will be from a gypsy car dealer offering £5k.
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Diesel surely will have to be available for quite a few years to come? I do think the 80 series value will plateau out in real terms. The only real top money for classic that move into real age is for the really rare and/or beautiful. Some owners in the classic truck and car world have noted that pre war vehicles are not worth so much considering the age and effort that has gone into preservation. Some of the 50s cars and trucks are not perhaps going up so fast in real terms. It comes down to sometimes folk having spare money for something that they aspired to when young. The next generation may not appreciate the vehicle in the same way. Agricultural tractors are similar I feel.
There are of course exceptions to that idea, Land Rover series one, E Type and Doe Dual Drive (tractor) perhaps examples. The market for the 80 series is anyone's guess. My children are in their late 20s early 30s. Would they want an 80? I doubt it. I suppose the real off road fanatics may keep the demand as long as fuel available because of the capability and relatively uncomplicated mechanics?
I sold an 80 regretted it and bought another one..... even had 2 at the same time... my Grandson wants my 80 and he's 6 ....

As Pete says above there is a generational thing about vehicles and desirability .... we rallied Mk 2 Escorts till we thought they were worn out , reshelled them into RWD Mk3 or 4 escort shells and rallied them till they were worn out then moved on to the next 4WD rally car and chucked loads of Mk2 stuff in the skip...... look at the prices now !!

Same with tractors's a job to sell an immaculate petrol/tvo tractor now ...they've gone down in value because all the people buying them now want the 80's /90's tractor they saw as a kid or lusted after when driving some crusty old David Brown..... we ran International tractors back in the 80's/90's mainly 1056 and 1455's ......1455's if clean and sensible hrs are selling for many £1000's more than we paid for them new....

Higgy , if you sell it there will be no going back.... as to value ? good clean one's are getting hard to find and I don't see the value of these going down and they are not making more of them .
" Silly money " 14-15 K ?

Was given some good advice by a guy that knows the high end classic market well ...
"if you want to buy a classic vehicle buy what you had on your bedroom wall as soon as you can because they will be the next appreciating vehicle "
Trouble is Jet from Gladiators and Daisey Duke were never for sale ;-)
I had a traveller approach me at a petrol station about selling my truck in late November. No says I.

10 days later the truck is broken into and luckily not stolen. Coincidence?

I’ve had my 4.5 for 13 years and I will never sell; never even crosses my mind
What's money?
Will money make you happy?
Do you need the money?
If answers no to all the above,keep the truck and get the wonga out of your head.

Only you can make the decision. Selling it and buying a lesser motor is pointless.

I've sold a few that I would have wanted to keep but I've been in the position that I've had to sell.
The one saving grace i have, Is when i tell the potential Buyer how many miles are on the Clock, You can see the colour drain from their Faces, And a "Oh! i dont want it Now" Expression.... Ah! still want to give me 7 Grand do you ?..... Any way Thanks for all the comments and advise... To be honest Circumstances have changed that would warrant me selling it, And not feeling Guilty about doing it..... We will See
But when it's freezing cold outside and your getting twitchy you can always go into the garage, warm, radio, beer or coffee and fettle with a motorbike although if I had a garage like all the American houses have I'd have the cruiser and bike inside! :thumbup:
"Could always put in a bid for Daisy Duke, you never know!"
Sadly now like many older vehicles of that vintage she's in need of a fair bit of restoration..... and no way I can afford that amount of work