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80 Pop Top at Nene Overland 229k


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Feb 15, 2021
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Experienced lurker wonders if anyone here knows anything about this vehicle or its former owner?
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 Series 4.2 TDi POP TOP EXPEDITION - Nene Overland Land Rover Specialist with over 35 years experience - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Mileage is a mite serious and before taking any further, thought it simple to ask as you never know who knows what......
Would not want this to turn into one of those "for a little more you could have done conversion yourself on a lower mileage example" learnings!
I have travelled a fair bit, but always used fairly new vehicles. Now I am a little (OK quite a bit) older, I don't have access to the the new shiny 4WDs of the past.
Be well,

PS - I am not planning any of the monster journeys of my past, just UK and Europe.


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Yes I do! Travelled with the previous owner who did the work on it, several times, he was meticulous in his preparations & also did some very big & long trips in it. It’s been with nene for probably 2 or 3 years though…….
Well that was quick!...thank you.
Any views on why this has sat for so very long at Nene?
Is this still his property, but being sold on commission through Nene or have they bought it off him and re-selling?
I am wary of mileage....anything to add that might persuade me?
Be well,
There's a reason toyota offers owners a 500k mile badge!!! Indicates its just run in.
This was sitting in the back in thick undergrowth a few years ago, pretty sure this picture is from well before.
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This was sitting in the back in thick undergrowth a few years ago, pretty sure this picture is from well before.
GeekOKent, Oh err...that sounds difficult. I assume you mean in the undergrowth up at Nene's Peterborough sales site?
Once vehicles are left out in the wild untended, they sure deteriorate. Almost always in a costly way and with more than mere "commissioning" subsequently needed.
There will not be many pearl white 80's with a Toms Pop Top so if you saw one as such there, must have been this one.
I do wonder if there is a dispute or some other cessation of communication between the owner and Nene's?
Geek, this was helpful information, for which I am grateful.
Be well,
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He sold it to nene outright, that pic was from when they first got thier hands on it and if kb saw it sitting in under growth, that’s not so good. I do know that it was good when he sold it, and the mileage is nothing for these engines
Thank you Andy.
I feel fairly concerned over Nene's custodianship of this.....I am sure the former owner would be non too pleased to witness any of this.
I have actually sent an enquiry email to Nene, no response as yet (hence my thought to ask on this forum).
Be well.......
Be interested to hear nene’s response!
Hmm. Been out of tax for over 2 years and no MOT for 18 months; as mentioned I guess it's been sat at their lot - though why they haven't SORN'd it is another question.
Nene you really need to call to get an answer out of.
Just to tidy this up; Despite the passage of time, I have not had any response whatsoever from Nene's owner or their "sales" dept, I reached out to both.
I think given what I have heard here and their actions, this is best left lying untouched.
Thanks all for your various inputs.
Be well,