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80 Rear washer EPC help please



I continue to fettle the 80 and get it ready for work. But I have one
stupid problem that someone with the EPC may be able to help me with - please?
I think I am possibly the only one on the list with an 80 with
troopie back doors. Although mine is LHD I don't think the door
configuration varied either side the driver is on, rather as the
Patrol or Trooper don't either.
My doors are narrow one on the left, larger on the right. The left
being the first to be opened. Each door has a wiper and washer jets.
The washers are supplied from one common washer tank in the engine
bay. But being 2 separate doors, each has its own separate washer
pipe coming down from the front. Unfortunately Mr Toy has not done a
very good job of bundling-up all the wires and washer hoses together
inside the door jambs and keeping them free of pinching etc. On the
right door I have had a leak before but the flex pipe going into the
door had sheared where it joined a small length of stainless steel
pipe that is actually within the flexible bundle in the jamb.
It has gone again, this time I have unpeeled all Mr Toy's wrapping
from the bundle and I find that the stainless pipe has obviously been
flexing and has now sheared itself. The pipe is bent into 3 curves,
but I really wonder if it is part of the Toy OEM set-up. So before I
set about a repair I wondered if anyone had the troopie doors on
their EPC and could see if the pipe is continuous plastic - as one
might expect in any other vehicle - or if in fact there is a separate
steel pipe listed just for the jamb.
I hope I have explained that well enough. TIA.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia